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Your apprenticeship at HaWig

Not only our academicians, but also our specialists have made Germany and the quality seal “Made in Germany” influential all over the world. I, as an employer, observe with concern the development of specialists in the last 20 years. In 2015, 146.000 training places remained vacant. We ask ourselves, who will build our houses, repair our heating systems or maintain our washing machines in the next ten years.
According to the old proverb “A trade in hand finds gold in every land”, I can recommend a craft to each young person, who is making his decision on the choice of profession.

                                                             Harald Wideburg, CEO

The HaWig Group, from its part, tries to contribute as the training company. We, as the training company recognised by the Chamber of Crafts and the International Chamber of Commerce, train the specialists of the following professions:

  • Technical system planner, plant engineering

Skills of spatial imagination and technical correlation

  • Installation mechanic, plant engineering (mechatronics, plant engineering)

  • Industrial cleark

Boredom - No, thanks!

We look forward to motivated and interested candidates, who would like to start their carriers in our company as apprentices.

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