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Design and manufacturing of special components

Classic Filter

For applications in critical areas powerful special filters are needed. Among other things, these must allow the safe exchange of the filter medium. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, HaWig Group has developed such a filter.
gastight Damper
Gastight Damper

Gastight dampers take on important functions in ventilation systems from regulation to fire protection. This has been a geometric problem so far, as ventilation ducts are usually angular an flaps ar round. Therefore, HaWig has developed a rectangular flap that can teke on a variety of tasks.
Components for ventilation systems with security requirements and according to the nuclear safety standard

  • Management of requirements according to valid international, European and national norms and standards
  • Implementation of special specifications from the plant
  • Design develoment an feasibility studies
  • Preparation of preliminary verification documents
  • Organization and supervision of the production process
  • Delivery of components
HaWig - Konstruktion und Fertigung von Komponenten
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