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Scope of services of HaWig Group

Our specialists will assist you in the following scopes:

  • Ventilation, heating and air conditioning
  • Humidification and dehumidification
  • Control and regulation systems
  • Controlled ventilation of apartments
  • Maintenance and filter servicing
We will support you in the following areas:
  • Basic design
  • Preliminary design and cost estimation
  • Designing of drafts and cost estimation
  • Approval planning
  • Planning of implementation
  • Planning of allocation
  • Allocation to the executing company
  • Property and construction supervision
  • Property management
  • Documentation
Certainly, it includes the following...
  • Detail consulting
  • System-oriented process design
  • Preparation of electrical diagrams of the system
  • Layout planning of pipeline, duct and cable routes
  • Planning and calculation of supports
  • Calculation of systems and components
  • Planning of measurement, control and regulation equipment
  • Preparation of inquiries and bidding specifications
  • Construction management all over the world
  • Documentation according to the customer’s specification

As special services, we offer to you:
  • Design and manufacture of special parts and components for safety equipment in nuclear technology
  • different calculations:
    • Finite element method / finite elemt analysis (FEM / FEA)
    • Calculation of static and dynamic loads
    • Seismic calculations
  • Checking the operating values of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Preparation of energy performance certificates of buildings
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Preparation of preliminary testing documentation for nuclear plant technology

The range of our services includes...
Customer service
Spare part management

We already operate in the following industrial sectors, and their number is increasing:

  • Conventional  and nuclear power plants
  • decommissioning of nuclear power plants
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Chemisty, Petrochemistry and Pharmacy
  • Processing of raw materials, e.g. pelletisation plants
  • Extraction of raw materials, e.g. mining
  • Public buildings and offices
    • hospitals, clinics and nursing homes
    • banks and financial institutions
    • universities, schools and kindergartens
    • sports facilities and gyms
    • laboratories and computing centres
    • hotels and restaurants
    • industrial and commercial facilities
    • municipal institutions

Here you will find a list of our software tools:
                finite elements, calculation of structures
                Aras PLMPLM = Product Lifecycle Management; for efficient project management over their lifecycle
                AutoCadconstruction software application for 2D and §D design and drafting in almost any file format
                Aveva PDMS3D design software for manufacturing of complex systems based on database
                Dlubal RSTAB
                static analysis of structures and seismic verification
                Inventor3D-CAD-software with professional tools for mechanical 3D design, documentation and product simulation with functions for Digital Prototyping in developing, managing and delivery of innovative products
                Navisworks Managesoftware for design verification, allowing designers, engineers and construction engineers, together with all project participants, to review the whole of 3D models and data, in order to better manage the project results. The software enables making collision tests covering all systems
                static analysis and seismic verification of concrete, stell and timber structures
                nova Plancal3D CAD/CAE for building engineering - heating, ventilation, plumbing, electricity
                Revit3D design software application with the tools for architectural design, building engineering, structural engineering and calculations; further calculations are carried out using the directly connected software application Solar-Computer
                calculation software application with the modules of energy efficiency, construction physics, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation, drinking water and drainage for dimensioning and calculation of various TGA systems according to DIN and VDI directives, preparation of energy performance certificates of buildings; the software has a direct connection with the design software application Revit
                TrueViewallows viewing DWD files; new DWG files may be converted with the software for use with older versions of AutoCad
                Individual software applications always are the currently valid versions. They are regulated by subscription contracts.

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