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Workin in Containment

We plan and create supply systems in various critical environments and complex applications. This includes nuclear facilities as well as laboratories of various disciplines.

Nuclear Technology
We support in planning, construction and commissioning, as well as in maintenance and upgrading of ventilation supply systems, in various types of nuclear power plants, such as nuclear power plants and research facilities. Even in complicated cases where e.g. Space is scarce or components are no longer available, we are the right contact person. We design special components for you and help with replicas.

Decommissioning of nuclear facilities
We also have experience in the increasingly important field of decommissioning of nuclear facilities. We design and build replacement ventilation and heating systems as well as ventilation for decontamination systems including the MSR technology. If required, we can also assist you with project management and interaction with the relevant authorities.

In a wide range of laboratory applications, including radionuclide laboratories and biosafety laboratories up to BSL 3 and 4, we support and advise you on their supply needs and the required safety engineering to produce airtight containment for these systems. We take over the planning, the construction and the upgrading of the ventilation systems as desired.
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